PagalKhana is a community for all the Awwrats who have purchased our products we celebrate them by giving them reward points on their every action and purchase 

PagalKhana is more than a loyalty program; it's a community that celebrates your love for fashion and individuality. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine the meaning of loyalty with rewards that transcend traditional discounts and offer an all-encompassing t-shirt experience. Experience the empowerment of elegance with our PagalPerks!

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Ways to Earn

  • Like on Facebook = Get 100 Pagal Points
  • Place an order = Get 500 Pagal Points
  • Signup = Get 100 Pagal Points
  • Follow on Instagram = Get 300 Pagal Points
  • Celebrate a birthday = 1000 Pagal Ponts (Customers must enter their birthday at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded)

Redeeming Points:

Check your points collected via above actions and use the coupon code for to avail the discounts.

Points Expiry Policy:

Pagal Points will expire after 12 months of inactivity to keep the program fair for active members.

Terms & Conditions* applied